Just Passed

Karena sudah lama tidak memasukkan ‘sampah’ kedalam blog ini, dengan niat yang tuluspun saya mencoba sedikit menulis disini, biar tak berarti apapun, tak apalah, yang penting ngepost, hehe!

Right now, I stayed at my parent house at Batu, East Java for holiday. After sign off at the middle of January, apparently I take a school for 2nd mate certificate. that is very busy for me, because i must finished my requirement for class just in three days, and that is a hard job. At that time, I must go to many place to get my requirement. And finally, I’ve done. Fyuuuuhhh…!!!


And after that, actually I am not very busy, because I am late for the class, but it is no problem, because the important things is you must present at the Government Examination, and fulfill the answer. The examination was carry on at the end of February.


While the class is continued, I also follow the other course, and it is different because this course is my favorite hobby, photography. An awesome class, I met many funny friends with have hobby same like me, and I don’t regret for this. And the final class is almost same with my examination, at the end of February too.


so after finished all my business at Jakarta, I fly to Malang to go true vacation. and now, here I am.


Eat, sleep, walking around, play with Enzo, and the others.


Life is nice… Hahaha!!!


~ by tulishapsara on March 13, 2011.

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