True Story (Funny)

I shared a cabin with another 2 guys for the last 3 weeks, one American, and another is Indian.

First night I slept with them, in middle of the night, me and American guy realized that this Indian guy have a problem with snore. Big Problem!

The sound of the snore was epic! It was loud and intense, and sometimes he make a sound like he choke until death. And also the sound variation is quite complete, from just ‘zzzzz’, lion scream, raptor sing, you named it, all is there.

I tried to cover my ears with headset while I put the music on, but the snore still I can hear it, just like a duet or something. Even at some night, the American guy can’t sleep, I know it because he always moving at bed, and he just shout around 2 o’clock in the morning,

“OH MY GOD!!!!”

And then the snore just stop for like 10 seconds, and then it continue until sunrise.

At that time I think, I can’t hold it like for the next 3 weeks, so I just got an idea, very simple idea. I just put soft earplug while I sleep, even the sound of Air Conditioner that blow from the vent is gone, totally silent. The American guy has a different solution, he never sleep at our cabin, or maybe not sleep, back to our cabin at 4-5 in the morning (to avoid Indian guy sleep, because we wake up at 5:30) an then he sleep until lunch time. He do it every single night. So here we are , different guys has a different solution right?

But the story is not finish yet.

Today the American guy went home (“Thanks God..” He said), and 1 Indonesian guy coming. As a good guy, I warned him about the snore sound of the Indian guy, and offer my solution to use earplug, but his answer is totally out of my mind,

“Wah, sama donk?” (They have a same problem!!!!

So here I am, they already sleep like a princess, except the sound is like I am in the zoo, sleep among the LION in their cage.

Ps: If anybody, every single body do not believe it, just in case, I recorded their voice while they are in duet.


~ by tulishapsara on March 4, 2016.

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